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Did you know that you can get new prescription lenses in your eyeglasses frames without having to visit an optician? Not only is it not always convenient to make an appointment to get your lenses replaced, but it can end up costing a lot of money. Often they may try to convince you to buy new frames when you already have frames that you would like to get fitted with lenses. 

Let's Say you bought a new-to-you pair of RAY-BANS from Afshar Optics and now you need to get your prescription put in.  It's an easy 5 step process. 

And Shipping is free both ways!

1. Get Your prescription

after you visit your optician, you should have a paper copy of your prescription. Make sure it includes the pupil distance as this is often omitted when they give you your prescription but according to federal and state law you have rights to this information.

if you have eyeglasses and do not know your prescription, they can copy your prescription from your old lenses.

2. decide on lens type

Your lens type is a personal preference. You can choose between single vision, bifocals, progressive, trifocals, readers, computer vision.


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3. select your lens material

the right lens material for you will be dependent on both your lifestyle and your prescription. You can choose between  CR-39 (Regular plastic), Ultra-thin, glass, polycarbonate or trivex. 


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4. select the lens brand and model

Your brand and model options will depend on the material you chose. 

Cr-39 plastic lenses options are:

  • crystal vision cr39
  • crystal vision cr39, Anti-Reflective, low rxs
  • crystal vision enhanced cr39 sv
  • zeiss cr39

Screenshot from eyeglasses.com

Ultra-Thin lenses options are:

  • Crystal Vision 1.67 High Index
  • Crystal Vision Enhanced 1.67 High Index SV
  • Crystal Vision 1.74 High Index
  • Zeiss 1.74 High Index SV
  • Eyezen Digital 1.74 High Index SV

Glass Lenses Options are:

  • Crystal Vision Glass SV
  • Crystal Vision Glass High Index SV

Polycarbonate lenses Options are:

  • Crystal Vision Polycarbonate
  • Crystal Vision Polycarbonate with Anti-Reflective Coating, Low RXs
  • Crystal Vision Enhanced Polycarbonate SV
  • Crizal Alize Polycarbonate Anti-Reflective, Low RXs
  • Zeiss Polycarbonate SV
  • Eyezen Poly SV Blue Block HD Digital

Trivex Lenses options are:

  • Crystal Vision Excelight Trivex
  • Essilor Trivex SV
  • Zeiss Trivex SV

5. select options

here you can select coating, tinting, and enter your prescription info.

For coating, you can choose from:

  • scratch resistant coating (included for free)
  • 100% UV Protection and Scratch resistant
  • crystalview anti-reflective
  • crystalview ar+blue-blocker
  • crizal alize anti-reflective
  • crizal avance anti-reflective
  • crizal prevencia

Screenshot from eyeglasses.com

for tinting you can choose from:

  • clear lenses (no tinting)
  • sunsensitive transition lenses
  • tinted lenses for sunglasses
  • polarized sunglasses

Screenshot from eyeglasses.com

Prescription information

here you can enter your prescription info or choose not to enter it at this time if you have different requirements (such as non-prescription lenses) that require you to contact their customer service.

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