How do I buy the right eyeglasses size?

So you found some eyeglasses that you really love but you are not sure if the size will be right for you?

We can help!

First off, there are two components to a good sizing, the look and the fit.

The fit is the less challenging part of the equation, in most cases eyeglasses that feel too loose or too tight can be adjusted by an optician (usually for free even if you aren't a customer) to fit you perfectly. This is also the case for eyeglasses that seem to pull on one side. The optician will warm the frame and adjusted until it sits perfectly on your face.

The right sizing for the look you are going for is a little tricker, but don't let it intimidate you. Most eyeglasses will have 3 measurements on them. They will usually appear in this format:



Sizing is in millimeters (mm).

If you already have a pair of eyeglasses, you are a step ahead because you can use the size on them to determine your size. You should find the sizing printed inside of the arm, or sometimes, the first two numbers may be engraved under the nose bridge. Depending on the frame, the numbers may be very small and you might need to use a magnifying glass to see them.

If you can't see the numbers, you can measure the frame yourself. Make sure to measure only the lenses without the frame for the lens width measurement. What if you don't currently own eyeglasses? In that case, one of the easiest way to get a good idea on sizing is to try out frames at your local optician. You could also borrow frames from friends to see what different sizing looks like on you and take it from there.

Another way to find your size will be by figuring out the width of your face.

In order to do this, you will want to use a ruler or tape measurer and hold it directly in front of your face. Do not contour it to your face, you want to hold it stiff as if it was an unbendable ruler. Measure the space between your temple, it is tempting to curve the ruler or tape towards your ears, but you want to avoid that. Take the measurement while looking in the mirror or have someone else take it for you.



If your face width measurement is 4.5" (about 11.4 cm) or smaller, you will want a narrow frame.

Recommended lens width: 50 mm and under.


If your face width measurement is between 4.5" and 5.5" (about 11.4 cm to 14 cm), you will want a medium frame.

Recommended lens width: 50 mm to 54 mm


If your face width measurement is 5.5" (about 14 cm) or bigger, you will want a wide frame.

Recommended lens width: 54 mm and up


The bridge size is most important on plastic frames that do not have nose pads on legs. On those frames getting the right nose bridge fit will make the difference between a frame that sits too high or too low on your face, and a frame that fits in the right spot.

An average bridge size is about 17-19 mm

If your nose bridge is smaller than average, you should look at a 14-16 mm range while if your nose bridge is wider, you should look at a 19-23 mm range.


A temple length that is too long or too short can be annoying and not fit comfortably. Average temple length is usually 130-140 mm. A person with a smaller than average head may need a smaller temple length, while someone with a bigger than average head might need a longer temple length.


We have provided a fourth measurement on most of our item listings (if this listing is missing the vertical number, contact us, we will be happy to provide you with it). The vertical lens measurement is the height of the lens. This measurement is not only important for aesthetics (the look of your glasses) but also in order to give your optician the space to fit in special lenses (such as bifocal or progressive).

Other factors such as frame style might affect the measurements. For example round frames often have smaller lens width and larger nose bridge but might fit someone with average features. Also a thick frame will add bulk to the sizing, so a 52mm lens width with a thin metal frame will fit differently than a 52mm lens width with a thick plastic frame.

If you are in doubt, we can hand-measure a 4th measurement for you which is the total frame width. If you need this measurement, you can email us at [email protected] and provide us with the frame's SKU number found in the full details on the listing, and we will get that measurement for you.

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