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Since these frames are pre-owned, they will rarely be in perfect condition. That being said, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent with you on the condition of the lenses you are purchasing. We will make sure your frames are clean and fu
We cannot help you with the glasses' prescription. When you buy glasses from your optometrist, you are buying two separate components: the frames and the prescription lenses. And though your purchase from Afshar Optics may come with lenses, what y
Eyeglasses have sizing written on them. The sizing is in millimeters and follows the following format: (Lens Width)[](Nose Bridge Width) (Temple Length) Check out our sizing guide for more help!
We're sorry to hear that your item did not fit your needs. Please view our Return Policy for full instructions on how to return your item.
You can contact us by emailing us at [email protected]
Though we are only selling online, we are a proud family-owned American business operating out of Texas.
We realize that there are many sellers competing for your business and it is important for us to stand out to you for the right reasons. We have a passion for what we do, but we realize that unless we translate that passion into some tangible advanta
By buying pre-owned you save money. This means you can buy more than one pair and always look chic! And knowing that our frames are handpicked, inspected, cleaned, and polished, you will always feel comfortable and confident wearing them. Our frames